Wheel Repair


Wheel Repair Service Details

Our wheel repair technicians are the best in the business. Able to handle most repairs in a few hours, we can get you back on the road quickly with a great looking wheel. Some repairs can even be done without removing the wheel while you wait in the lobby.

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Wheel Vibrations

Wheel vibrations are often caused by a bent wheel. Rather than replacing a pricey wheel, let us take a look at it. Chances are we can remove the dent and smooth out your ride.

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Curb Scratches

Curb Scratches are an eye-sore but can be repaired quickly. Our technicians repair hundreds of curbed wheels a day. On most repairs, we can have your vehicle in and out of the shop in a couple of hours. 

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Cracked Wheels

A deep pothole can be detrimental and crack alloy wheels. A good alternative to replacing is letting us weld the crack and save your wheel.

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Diamond Cut Refinishing

Want your machine-faced wheel repaired, but don’t want to lose the factory finish? Our diamond cut wheel refinishing lathe is the solution to your problem.

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Our Guarantee

All of our technicians are pros; all repairs are guaranteed and backed for 90 days with a non-transferable warranty.